Drug Shortages

Q: What causes a drug shortage?Medical Worker

A: Increasing demand
A: Increasing general population
A: Shortage of raw materials
A: Drug recalls by the FDA
A: Drug recalls by the manufacturer
A: Resale restrictions
A: Manufacturer inefficiencies
A: Manufacturers stop drug production
A: Primary drug supply channel inefficiencies
A: Increased demand from unforeseen events

How We Address this Issue

United Pharmaceuticals International is a 24/7 sourcing service provider. We locate the necessary life saving drugs that patients need and deliver them to the healthcare provider. Hospitals use us as a secondary supplier to locate drugs during a shortage.

When the call is received from a hospital, United Pharmaceuticals International’s purchasing group starts searching a nationwide network of fully licensed pharmaceutical distributors for that particular drug. That network then reaches out to their network of licensed distributors (and so forth) and as a result, hundreds of licensed wholesalers are then searching for that drug.

For a current list of drug shortages, please see the FDA Drug Shortage Index